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Raven Rex (Small View)

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by Berry Herem
Raven Rex is a large five-color image with 14 pieces of actual hand-cut iridescent abalone shell appliqué. It portrays a particularly splendid Raven, the principle culture hero of the Northwest Coast Indians, standing before a classic flat frontal formline chest design of a second Raven figure reminiscent of the box that Raven is said to have stolen the sun from. Within the Raven image itself is a compact formline version of Raven as a half-human half-Raven figure holding a golden sun image. 
Raven Chief is a small lithographed version of the larger Raven Rex, with simulated abalone shell images. 
5 colors, printed on Archival Off-White Stock
Item #s: 500a, 500b
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Raven Rex
96 in edition
36" x 32.5"
Item #500a
(plus $10 shipping in the USA)
Raven Chief
500 in edition
13" x 12"
Item #500b
(plus $5 shipping in the USA)

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