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Totem Pole by James Bender at Pike Place Market (#72: 15046 bytes)

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Your privacy is important to us!

We strive to do everything we can to protect the privacy of our customers. We never sell or exchange any personal information that we receive from our customers with any other company or organization. We delete all credit-card data that we collect from you within three days of your purchase.

We're spam-free!

We absolutely HATE spam and anything that looks like it. That's why we never contact our customers via email with special offers. To buy anything from us again, you must visit our site again. If we ever change this policy, we will contact you via email to seek your permission to email you with occasional special offers. So far, we haven't seen the need to do this. (Did we mention that we hate spam?)

No cookies!

Chief Seattle Arts does not use "cookies" or any other persistent tracking technology.

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Last modified: July 01, 2015