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A Few of Our Favorite Links

Below are links to some of our favorite sites, and descriptions of them. Please feel free to click away--but do come back sometime, OK?

The Duwamish Tribe
The Duwamish--Chief Seattle's mother's tribe--are fighting for recognition from the U.S. Federal Government. It was granted once on the very last day of President Clinton's administration, but then rescinded by George W. Bush. Help out the Duwamish in their struggle--support the tribe with a contribution!

The Suquamish Tribal Museum
The Suquamish have inhabited the Puget Sound basin for thousands of years. They are expert fishermen, carvers, basketmakers, and canoe builders. For a time in the 19th century, their leader was Chief Seattle, from whom the city of Seattle took its name. Their seat of government is on the Port Madison Reservation, on Puget Sound, across from the city of Seattle in the state of Washington, USA. Like most non-profits, they could sure use funding. It would help keep their rich tribal heritage alive and thriving. Their Tribal Museum is a wonderful place to visit if you're ever vacationing in Seattle. It's an easy ferry ride away from downtown Seattle.

The American Indian College Fund
The American Indian College Fund (AICF) is a great educational organization that deserves your support. Launched in 1989, it raises funds to support 29 tribal colleges in the United States that educate American Indians. Foundations underwrite all of the Fund's administrative costs, so all gifts to the Fund go directly to the colleges for scholarships for Indian youth, plus other needs. The AICF seeks to raise not only money, but also to promote awareness of the benefit of tribally controlled higher education.

The Hunger Site
“Think of all the time you spend clicking aimlessly or fruitlessly around the Web. At the Hunger Site, one click actually accomplishes something: It sends a serving of food to a starving person, at no cost to you. Corporate sponsors provide the food in exchange for free advertisement and links. Since its June 1 start-up, the site has sent enough money to the United Nations’ World Food Program to purchase more than 4 million servings of dietary staples; a WFP official calls it ‘an extraordinary testimony to the power of the Internet.’ The privacy-protected site is run without profit by John Breen, an Indiana software programmer who initially wanted to support Third World education but decided hunger was the priority. As his world map arrestingly illustrates, starvation kills 24,000 people daily, most of them children.” -- The Washington Post (USA), October 15, 1999

"Chief Seattle on Internet"
This site, run by a man from Denmark, offers a lot of fine information about the misrepresentation of Chief Seattle's speech, plus links to other Chief Seattle sites.

M. Lisa Chavez Thomas
An online gallery of one-of-a-kind original works of art lovingly created by a member of the Isleta Pueblo from a reservation just south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This collection of authentic American Indian Arts and Crafts includes gourds, paintings, decorative pillows, masks, and other contemporary interpretations of traditional American Indian designs.
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