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Special-Order Books

A bibliography of Canadian native arts : Indian and Eskimo arts, craft, dance and music
Ian L. Bradley

A Wealth of Thought : Franz Boas on Native American Art
Aldona Jonaitis (Editor)/Hardcover/1995

A World of Faces

Alaskan Eskimo Life in the 1890s As Sketched by Native Artists
George E. Phebus/Paperback/1995

Aleut and Eskimo Art : Tradition and Innovation in South Alaska
Dorothy Jean Ray/1981

American Indian and Alaska Native Traders Directory
Gregory W. Frazier/Paperback/1989

American Indian Painting and Sculpture
Patricia Janis Broder/1981

American Indian Sculpture : A Study of the Northwest Coast
Paul Stover Wingert/1976

American Indians Today
Elaine Jahner/Hardcover/1983

Art of the North American Indian
Shirley Glubok/1964

Art of the Northern Tlingit
Aldona Jonaitis/1986

Art of the Totem : Totem Poles of the Northwest Coastal Indians
Marius Barbeau/Paperback/1984

Canadian native art; arts and crafts of Canadian Indians and Eskimos
Nancy-Lou Patterson

Carved history : the totem poles & house posts of Sitka National Historical Park
Marilyn R. Knapp

Chiefs of the Sea and Sky : Haida Heritage Sites of the Queen Charlotte Islands
George F. MacDonald/Paperback/1989

Columbia River Basketry : Gift of the Ancestors, Gift of the Earth
Mary Dodds Schlick/Hardcover/1994

Coppers of the Northwest Coast Indians : Their Origin, Development and Possible Antecedents (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, Vol.)
Carol F. Jopling/Paperback/1989

Crooked Beak of Heaven; Masks and Other Ceremonial Art of the Northwest Coast (Index of Art in the Pacific Northwest, No. 3)
Bill Holm/1972

Eskimo Artists (Fieldwork in Alaska, June 1936 Until April 1937)
Hans Himmelheber/Paperback/1993

Faces, Voices and Dreams : A Celebration of the Centennial of the Sheldon Jackson Museum Sitka, Alaska 1888-1988
Peter L. Corey (Editor), Lydia Black (Editor)/1988

Form and freedom : a dialogue on Northwest coast Indian art
Bill Holm

From the Land of the Totem Poles

Gabriola : Petroglyph Island
Ted Bentley/Paperback/1981

Glory Remembered : Wooden Headgear of Alaska Sea Hunters
Lydia T. Black, S. V. Aleut Hunting Headgear a Ivanov/Paperback/1992

Haida Monumental Art
George F. MacDonald/Hardcover/1983

Haida Monumental Art

Heartbeat of the Earth : A First Nations Artist Records Injustice and Resistance
Wii Muk' Willixw, Art Wilson (Artist)/Hardcover/1996

How to carve totem poles
Paul N. Luvera

Images, stone, B.C. : thirty centuries of Northwest Coast Indian sculpture
Wilson Duff

Indian and Eskimo art of Canada
Dominique Darbois

Indian Art of the Americas
Frederick J. Dockstader/Hardcover/1973

Indian Art Traditions of the Northwest Coast
Roy L. Carlson (Editor)/1983

Indian Baskets of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska
Allan Lobb, Art Wolfe/1990

Indian rock carvings of the Pacific Northwest
Edward F. Meade

Indian Shakers, a Messianic Cult of the Pacific Northwest
Homer Garner, Barnett/1972

Indian Weaving, Knitting & Basketry of the Northwest
E. Hawkins/Paperback/1978

Indians Along the Oregon Trail : The Tribes of Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington Identified
Bert Webber/Paperback/1989

Indigenous Aesthetics : Native Art, Media, and Identity
Steven Leuthold/Hardcover/1998

Inua : Spirit World of the Bering Sea Eskimo William W. Fitzhugh/1982

Inuit Art : An Anthology
Alma Houston/1988

Land Spirit Power : First Nations at the National Gallery of Canada
Diana Nemiroff, et al/Paperback/1992

Randolph Falk

Lelooska : The Traditional Art of the Mask : Carving a Transformation Mask

Lords of the Stone : An Anthology of Eskimo Sculpture
Alistair MacDuff, George M. Galpin/1989

Magic Images : Contemporary Native American Art
Edwin L. Wade/1982

Many Smokes, Many Moons : A Chronology of American Indian History Through Indian Art
Jamake Highwater/1978

Music and dance in Northwest Coast Indian life
Linda Goodman

Native American Art History : Selected Readings
Zena Mathews/1982

Native American Visions
Elmo Baca, M. J. Van Deventer/Hardcover/1998

Native North American Art History
Zena Mathews/Paperback/1981

Ninstints : Haida World Heritage Site
George MacDonald/Paperback/1984

Northwest Coast Indian Art

Northwest coast Indian artifacts from the H.R. MacMillan collections in the Museum of Anthropology, the University of British Columbia

Northwest Coast Indian Graphics : An Introduction to Silk Screen Prints
Edwin S. Hall/1981

Pipes That Won't Smoke, Coal That Won't Burn : Haida Sculpture in Argillite
Carol Sheehan/1983

Portrait Masks from the Northwest Coast of America
J. C. H. King/1979

Robert Davidson : Eagle of the Dawn
Robert Davidson, Ian M. Thom (Editor)/1993

Robes of Power : Totem Poles on Cloth (Museum Note, No 17)
Doreen Jensen, Polly Sargent/Paperback/1987

Salish Weaving
Paula Gustafson/1981

Sculpturing Totem Poles : Pattern and Instruction Manual
Walt Way/Paperback/1996

Shapes of Their Thoughts : Reflections of Culture Contact in Northwest Coast Indian Art
Victoria Wyatt/1984

Smoky-Top, the Art and Times of Willie Seaweed (Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum Monograph, 3)
Bill Holm, Willie Seaweed/1983

Soft Gold : The Fur Trade and Cultural Exchange on the Northwest Coast of America
Thomas Vaughan, Bill Holm/1983

Solstice : The Art of Roy Henry Vickers
Roy Henry Vickers/1989

Spirit and Ancestor

Spirittmnl.JPG (4940 bytes)


Spirit Faces : Contemporary Native American Masks from the Northwest
Gary Wyatt/Paperback/1995 (Publisher Out Of Stock)


Tangible Visions : Northwest Coast Indian Shamanism and Its Art
Allen Wardwell/Hardcover/1996

The Art of the Northwest Coast Indians
Shirley Glubok/1975

The black canoe : Bill Reid and the spirit of Haida Gwaii
Robert Bringhurst

The Box of Daylight : Northwest Coast Indian Art
Bill Holm/1983

The Decorative Art of the Indians of the North Pacific Coast
Franz Boas/Hardcover/1976

The Early Years of Native American Art History : The Politics of Scholarship and Collecting (A McLellan Book)
Janet Catherine Berlo (Editor)/Hardcover/1992

The Far North : 2000 Years of American Eskimo and Indian Art
Lucy Mair/1977

The magic leaves : a history of Haida argillite carving
Peter L. Macnair

The northwest coast native print : January 17th to March 10th, 1985
Leslie Allan Dawn

The Raven's Tail
Cheryl Samuel/Hardcover/1987

The Red Man in Art (Fine Art Books for Young People
Rena Neumann Coen/1972

The Seattle Totem Pole
Viola Edmundson, Garfield/1980

The Sweet Grass Lives on : 50 Contemporary North American Indian Artists
Jamake Highwater/1980

The Telling of the World : Native American Stories and Art
W. S. Penn (Editor)/1996

The Totem Carvers : Charlie James, Ellen Neal, Mungo Martin
Phil Nuytten/1983

The Way of the Masks
Claude Levi-Strauss, Sylvia Modelski/Paperback/1988 (Publisher Out Of Stock)

They Write Their Dreams on the Rock Forever : Rock Writings of the Stein River Valley of British Columbia
Richard Daly, et al/Hardcover/1994

Totem Poles
Hilary Stewart/1990

With One Sky Above Us : Life on an American Indian Reservation at the Turn of the Century
M. Gidley/1985

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