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Totem Pole by James Bender at Pike Place Market (#72: 15046 bytes)

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Looking at Totem Poles
Hilary Stewart/Paperback/1993


Kwakiutl Art
Audrey Hawthorn, Audrey Hawthorne/Paperback/1988

Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
Hilary Stewart/Paperback/1979

Looking North : Art from the University of Alaska Museum
Aldona Jonaitis (Editor), et al/Hardcover/1998

Myths and Legends of the Pacific Northwest
Katharine Berry Judson, Jay Miller/Paperback/1997

Native America : Arts, Traditions, and Celebrations
Christine Mather, Jack Parsons/Hardcover/1990

Native American Art and the New York Avant-Garde : A History of Cultural Primitivism (American Studies)
W. Jackson Rushing, William H. Goetzmann/Hardcover/1995

Native American Artists (Peabody Essex Museum Collections, Vol 132)
Dan L. Monroe (Editor)/Hardcover/1996

Native American Art Masterpieces
David W. Penney/Hardcover/1996

Native American Arts & Cultures
Anne D'Alleva/Hardcover/Published  1994

Native American Expressive Culture
Akwe-Kon Press/Paperback/1995

Native Americans (Sacred Symbols Series)
Robert Adkinson, N. Hudson Thames/Hardcover/1996

Native Artists of North America (Rainbow Warrior Artists)
Reavis Moore, Levar Burton/Hardcover/1993

Native Arts of North America
Christian F. Feest/Hardcover/1980

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Native Peoples of Alaska: A Traveler's Guide to Land, Art, and Culture
Jan Halliday with Patricia J. Petrivelli and the Alaska Native Heritage Center

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Native Peoples of the Northwest: A Traveler's Guide to Land, Art, and Culture
Jan Halliday and Gail Chehak

Native Visions : Evolution in Northwest Coast Art from the Eighteenth Through the Twentieth Century
Steven C. Brown, et al/Paperback/1998

North American Indian Art
Peter Furst, Jill Leslie Furst/Paperback/1985

North American Indian Artifacts : A Collector's Identification and Value Guide
Lar Hothem/Paperback/1993

North American Indian Arts (Golden Guide)
Andrew Hunter Whiteford, et al/Paperback/1990

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Northwest Coast Indian Art : An Analysis of Form
Bill Holm/Paperback/1965

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Northwest Coast Indian Designs (Dover Design Library)
Madeleine Orban-Szontagh/Paperback/1994

Northwest Coast Native and Native-Style Art : A Guidebook for Western Washington
Lloyd J. Averill, Daphne K. Morris/Paperback/1995

Our Boots : An Inuit Women's Art
Jill E. Oakes, et al/Paperback/1996

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