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Totem Pole by James Bender at Pike Place Market (#72: 15046 bytes)


Printers create a "serigraph" (sometimes called a "silkscreen") by using an exacting printmaking technique in which they push paint through a fine screen--usually made of silk or nylon--onto the canvas or fine art paper. The printer uses a different screen for each color in the print. The result is a richly, deeply colored artwork that has many of the qualities of a fine-art painting. Most Serigraphs are "limited-edition" artworks, meaning that the printer creates only a specified number of prints and then destroys the materials used to create them.
"Raven Spirit" Serigraph
Robert Hewson serigraphs
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Dale Faulstich serigraphs
"Hunter and Wolf" Serigraphs
Greg Colfax serigraphs
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Barry Herem serigraphs

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