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Biography of Dale Faulstich

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Dale Faulstich, a self-employed artist, has been producing both commercial and fine art since 1972. Dale’s home and studio are located on the North Olympic Peninsula in Washington State where he lives with his wife, Heather, and their two children. His fascination with the art form of the aboriginal people of the Northwest Coast has strongly influenced his work.
Raven Steals the Sun #213 thumbnail (5549 bytes)Dale has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the Jamestown Klallam Tribe of Sequim, Washington. This collaboration has led to several commissioned art works in and around the Tribe’s Administration Building and to a series of five limited edition prints. A portion of the profits from this print project goes to the Tribe’s Cultural Program.
Totems at Seven Cedars Casino thumbnail (6734 bytes)Dale has presented a variety of carvings and drawings that depict the art and housing customs of the coastal Northwest Indians. Dale also teaches an ongoing series of classes for the cultural program, assisting tribal members to design and carve a variety of traditional objects. He has also designed and helped carve ten totem poles, many carved panels, and other carved figures for the tribe’s Seven Cedars Casino in Sequim, Washington.
Bella Coola-style Mask #202 thumbnail (6434 bytes)All of Dale’s works are custom designed, well researched, and employ the highest quality materials and workmanship. His artwork is grounded in an understanding of the stylistic tradition of the art of the indigenous people of the Northwest Coast and is admired by both native and non-native peoples.
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